World Overview

This page contains a basic overview of the world; the information player are assumed to know. (Yes, I know this page is probably in need of proof-reading)

 The world has no formal name except "The World" or "The Material Plane"

The Beginning

All know sentient creatures suddenly appeared on the material plane approximately one thousand two hundred years ago. They appeared as adults with no memory of their past. At this time there were three islands in existence. On these island there were already ancient ruins scattered about wilderness. In addition there were several cities that seemed to be completely new, as if no one had lived in them.


The Material Plane is a giant ocean with islands dotting it. At first there were only three island: Azah, Kyo, and Shad. Since then, islands have occasionally appeared, rising from the ocean. Whenever an island appears it always has ancient ruins on and occasionally some newer buildings with almost no evidence of water damage. The new islands appear seemingly at random; on average, one island raises every other century. Five islands have risen since the beginning, In order: Mizo , Dyril, Valis, Illos , Opus.

Information on the islands will be added as player visit and explore the.

The Other Planes

There are several planes of existence beside the material plane. Getting from the material plane to other planes is extremely difficult. If a being for the material plane manages to reach another plane, they will be usually be ejected back into the material plane in a matter of days. No life originates from other planes. All creatures that live on other planes were all originally from the material plane but managed to remain on the plane and were changed into new species by the magical environment. For example, hellhounds are dogs that became stuck in Hades.

Even these creatures that whose ancestors managed to stay on alternate planes are occasionally ejected into the material plane. This is how most monsters in the material plane got there. Normal animals became stuck on alternate, were altered and some of their offspring occasionally fall back into the material plane. Monster that fall into the material plane tend to appear near ruins more often then they appear in other places.


Ruins are ancient decrepit building and cities that exist on all islands. Their origin is a mystery though the artwork suggests they were build by men. Ruins are put into two main groups: normal ruins and god ruins. God ruin are ruins that have a prominent energy in them and typically contain art that is associated with that energy type. God ruins appear to be structures that or even entire towns and cities that serve as religious cities. Monsters appear in god ruins more often then they do in normal ruins. Normal ruins do not have any specific energy in them. The items found in normal ruins tend to be more functional compared to the art and other aesthetic pieces found in god ruins.


There are three kinds of energy in the world. Black Magic, White Magic and Grey Magic. Some ruins contain an abundance of one of these energies. All ruins with a given magic type have similar murals and art. In this way each energy is associated with theme displayed in the art which is in turn associated with a god. The three gods are Anno, Genesis, and Omega. Note that though the gods have no gender, masculine pronouns are used.

1. Anno is the god whose nature is depicted in Grey Magic Ruins. His murals depict men fulfilling their life and enjoying themselves along side images of men's cruelty. He is associated with pleasure, indulgence, excess and the element fir. Anno is concidered by many to be an enemy of Genesis.

2. Genesis is the god whose nature is depicted in White Magic ruins. His murals depict the act of creating, thinking of new ideas, and the formation of worlds. He is associated with rebirth, forgiveness, second chances, and the element earth.

3. Omega is the god whose nature is depicted in Black Magic Ruins. His murals depict acts purification, people cleaning themselves, and demons being destroyed. He is associated with purity, love for others, punishment of evil, and the element water. Omega is concidered by many to be an enemy of Anno.

World Overview

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