Types of Magic

There are four kinds of magic. Every moral being producing each type of magic in their own body, except divine. Mages are people who learn to produce more and manipulate it.

Grey Magic

Grey magic is associated with the god Anno. Grey magic can be used to cause harm, but not nearly as much as black magic. Most often, when a mage uses grey magic he causes changes. Grey spell examples: Polymorph, Alter Appearance, Burning Hands.

Black Magic

Black magic is associated with the god Omega .When a mage uses black magic, something destructive or otherwise damaging occurs. Black spell examples: Thunder, Comet, Freeze

White Magic

White magic is associated with the god Genesis. When a mage uses white magic, a healing or otherwise beneficial effect occurs. White spell examples: Heal, Cure Poison, Revive.

Divine Magic

Divine magic is a strange category of magic. It appears to be in equal concentration in all parts of the world. One's ability to draw upon divine magic depends on one's religious devotion. The effects a caster can produce with divine spells depend on the god he worships. Divine spell examples: Cure Light Wounds, Curse Weapon, Detect Alignment.

Types of Magic

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