Pastel Sins

To Hell and Back

November 14 – November 23

Back to castle, boat to get gnolls out, fight spiders – spider queen demon. Light acid, burn webing, kill spiders. Up collems to alter, down slot get sword, find eggs kill. Kris Jump – amulet cursed. Free bard/mage in cell. Open door to spiders, burn. Return to find burnt spiders, find divine magic book with unknown author. Open door to rats, run out escape crazy in water.

LuPiN uses gasious to check down grate near body pile, sees dispel magic sphere. Goes back. Open to crypt, sleep trade watch, voices in head. Down stairs to hall, find bloody halls and room with sphere. Break spears then go to serchophgous room. Open lid, blades twirl around room, lich fighting – flame girl, mask break, skeletons, forbidden sububi magic, areo to blades, died falming armless.Door is revealed after death

 Find many magic items in serchoughious.Put circet on dead Turquine, soul of a Varin goes into him, reveals that saw cultists do a ritual to make blood retreave a key down grate. 'Varin' disables trap pressing statue loss arm. Rest one night in room then return with lich head. Can't open door. find body get finger, is Gnome

Back to Rayic, put Varin back in soul gem then resurrect then resurrect Turquine. Split to get restored, Kris takes lich head to Varis. Varis promises them a philospher stone and big discount from then on.  

Castle on the lake

October 11 – November 14


Earthquake, genesis hit had, house down, stone house built, buy magic items, Zorin and Varis dating.

Leave, outpost B knows lie, bard mad. Bard steals, party chase and kill, Big fat thing with bag in stomach, kill then LuPiN touched by it, eating self, go back. 

Go to castle, crazy lake, coins fireflys, in castle: used traps, ritual, amulet featherfall

Use hat of disguise trick gnolls, confuse then fight till leader comes to stop, give map. Go to room with spiders, fight first room, light fire, LuPiN nearly dies of poisin. Rest, go back to Mayin to get feather tocken and rest more.

 New Establishments: The Warlock's Den

An Artful Horde

August 30 – October 11

    Choose G3 to get Garick's rock. Meet kylie's brother, learn about rusty bull in past and Kylie is in disguise – Chloe. Kala is at A2. Evil rats. LuPiN uncovers info about anon buying disease stuff (eg: vamp blood). Demon activity appears in town. Get a huge vault built, teleport upstairs and get colem built on lower level. Glis makes no teleport into. Put money, ect there. Add chapel.

    Go north to outpost A. See demons on way. Town thinks group 27 killed mindflayer dragons. LuPiN uses charaisma enhancing spell to convict people while Kris+Turquine hide in rooms.  Kris steals some potions next morning after celebration.

    Choas beast battle. At night: Demons approach. Scom. Comprehend languages to listen talk with mostions. Learn of key demon boss. Some of the demons not evil. Get to hole, meet nameless man playing amazing music next to crumbled wall. Two-headed giant and centipiled collem. Lighting spell attracts elemental.

    Kris destroy bridge, Turquine falls off, kris demi's elemental after onto net. Net rips, giatn pulls then drops. Turquine kills and elemental on the way down then lands in water. LuPiN jumps after, Kris leaves. Turquine is killed soon after cutting armor straps off to remove, LuPiN uses invisibility to  get close enough to collect a finger then climbes a net the is now along one of the walls.

    Back to Rayic to res from genesis by Holly. Hear kala got key stolen then devestated by giant spiky thing. Go back, inivisibility sphere past centipieds and elemental, kris almost hit when blind strike at tremor direction. Got to tunnel, ram to break fist then tunnel breaks. End of tunnel elementals, get special gem, rock hand escape, run.  Kris acidently collapses tunnel falls.

    Climb back up. Rest from night, giant comes cut bridge into water and kris shocks water till out of spell ability and all sleep. Seeimps now. Cross arch, dragon, leave.grapple hook from net to behind, magic to find door. Imp confusion. Inside find treasure and key around statue with gobe. Key identified as aritfact by spell.

    LuPiN to Rayic for bag of holding and turn in stones, hears of special deal on nice weapon for second stone. Go back, get art, back again to store and buy supplies to fight dragons. Ask Kala to come, she and Zorin do.

    Get back to church. Prepare then fight and kill dragon. Imps shocked in minddle of fight to see key is gone. Eat dragons heart, effects kept: Kala dragons teeth, Turquine second eyelid, LuPiN paid more to be able to change eye at will to bronze. Shrink dragon body to sell in town, kala keeps dragon head mounted on group Crucible's door.

    In Rayic, sell art for ~40k . Special painting for Dora. Garick tells LuPiN that his son may wish to accompany group 27 later. Group 27 is now off probition, namesgroup "Twenty-Seven".

    Note on door says gahenna in Rusty Bull, Book idnetified as writting about mortiagon.


New Known Establishments: Sparkling Words, Magic Item Compendium.




Group 27
The first run


August 2 – August 30, year 1054

    The party spent two weeks traveling on the boat to Opus. During this time [[Kris-Noryn]] searched for an alchemist and found Varis Ora. Varis agreed to give Kris discounts on certain potions if they managed to acquire certain difficult to get ingredients. Specifically, 50 lb of inner island bananas, a large quantity of vampire blood, a Minotaur horn, and a lich head.

    After hearing about this, LuPiN decided to look for a blacksmith in whom he could invest. He snuck into the Dwarven Noble section of the boat using the book "Heart of Stone" that they had found in Garis. He met a blacksmith, Garick BloodStone. Garick said that he didn't need any money but would be glad to arrange some agreement in a few weeks.

    When the boat finally landed the entire boat erupted in feverish celebration. While exiting the boat LuPiN spotted a huge turtle in the water and decided to try to jump on top of it. He failed to land on the turtle but managed to climb on top of it and began playing a violin he summoned and sang beautifully about the new land. When he swam back to the dock a gnomish noble, Dora Eri. She said that she would be interested in hiring him.

    One they entered the city they went to the government center to buy an adventuring license and claim a ruin. In the adventurers' room they met a barbarian with an impressive runed great sword, Kala Masi who was demanding to be paid early so she could resurrect her friend. Everyone in the party gave her 1000 Gp. She quickly promised to pay them back later and ran out of the building. They paid for the adventuring license and were briefed on the details of the available ruins. They were also assigned a group number: 27; they could choose a group name if they cleared two ruins. After some consideration they choose R7, a ruin full of vampires that were terrorizing a nearby diamond mine because they were afraid that the scarcity of diamond would make resurrections too expensive if one of them died and so they could get the vampire blood.

  Kris decided to attempt to capture a vampire so Varis could extract blood from it whenever he needed it. Varis gave her a stink potions that stuns vampires by overloading they hypersensitive sense of smell. LuPiN bought an awful smelling flower for the same purpose. Turquine Sant visited the local church of Omega and met the leading paladin on the island, Noris. Noris told him that Anno had more powerful clerics and was currently the leading religion on the island.

    Kris rode on Turquine's mount and LuPiN bought a brown mare whom he named Darus, after his mother. They arrived at outpost B and bought a room at the local inn. While there LuPiN told an ridiculous story about how the party was going to fight zombie vampire mindflayers. Lupin spoke very convincingly and a good number of the local peasant believed that it he was telling the truth. Other member of the community wasn't sure that mindflyer vampires exist, but was glad that the party was killing them if they did.

    Kris and Turquine went to their room embarrassed of their friend while LuPiN told the story.  Soon after LuPiN finished Kala entered the inn with her resurrected Dalik, a cleric of Anno. She explained that they were going to find a piece of their other friend's body to resurrect her and to kill the monster that killed her in the ruin A3. The next morning the party decided to accompany Kala and Dalik to the battle if they could have the treasure. Kala mentioned that she found her magic sword in near desk that had mortigan's writing on it. It glew whenever the one holding it said, "Mortigan". Kris looked closer at the runes and was ability to read the magic symbols. It read "Sloth, Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath Neutrality, Human".

    Before the battle Tuquine and Dalik had a tense moment when Turquine rejected a beneficial spell from Dalik on religious grounds. The plant monster was a giant toothed flower with five large testicles. The party of 5 quickly killed the monster. They found some a variety of partially digested items from creatures that the plan had eaten before, including +1 full plate. Kala found part of her friends leg and hurried away to Rayic so she could buy a resurrection. The party went to Mayin and spent the night there before leaving into the jungle toward R7.

    During their journey through the jungle, Vampire gnolls attacked the party in their sleep. The gnolls ran up the trees and attacked mostly with throwing axes. One tried to sneak up on the party but Kris saw it in time. They managed to finish the battle with only moderate injuries and no infections; only Turquine, who is immune to diseases, was bitten. Having seen the prowess of the vampires, they decided to spend more time repairing. They returned to Mayin to train and plan for several days then set off again.

    The first night in the jungle Kris woke to saw an unusually huge dire ape trying to attack a severely injured vampire who was in a tree crying. She used magic to help the vampire escape. The escape infuriated the ape and prompted it to attack Kris. Turquine and LuPiN woke to the noise of the ape screaming. LuPiN used an invisibility spell to hide and Turquine tried in vain to calm the ape. The ape hit Kris then lifted her and slammed her into Turquine. Kris landed bloody and remained still. The ape, satisfied of her victory, walked away. Tuquine examined Kris and discovered that she was alive, barely. Her had been dented inward and she was bleeding to death. He healed her in time to save her life. Kris said that she was tired after the fight and didn't want to talk about, the slept the rest of the night without incident.

    The next morning they found walked toward the ruins and found tracks, presumably from the vampire, on the way there. They found the vampire who was hiding under a large tarp until the sun went down. They spoke the him and learned that he was Annimarco, a cleric of Omega who had been turned. Annimaro explained that he and his friends, a Omega paladin and a warrior, were the previous adventuring group that had tried to clear the ruin.  He woke to find his friends missing. Turquine explained that his paladin friend couldn't be turned and that he could cure diseases at least once a week, so his friends were probably fine. Upon hearing this he ran in the direction he believed his friends had gone with amazing speed. Just before he left, Annamarco removed his symbol of Omega and gave it to Turquine, explaining that he couldn't bear to wear it in his condition.

    The party entered the ruins through a stone door that opened when they touched a magic stone filled with souls on the outside. The door closed behind them once they were further into the ruin. They walked down a spiral staircase into a garden of fungus with a statue of a man holding a dieing woman. The garden had one exit to a living room. They opened the door and LuPiN cast light on a stone and threw it into the dark room. By chance, the stone hit a hiding vampire directly in the face. A moment later another hiding vampire fired a crossbow at LuPiN and a fight erupted. During the course of the fight a vampire ran on the ceiling and was pull down violently with a gravity spell from Kris. The other vampire picked up a couch and broke it over LuPiN's head. Before the second vampire died he opened the room other exit and yelled for help. They killed that vampire and closed the door before the other vampires came.

    Kris prepared a ice spell for then turquine opened the door. The vampire on the other side as a scourer who had a fire spell prepared. The spells hit and caused a massive explosion. Both Kris and the vampire were seriously hurt. Turquine managed to kill the sourcer and his guards before closing the door before the remaining vampire came.

    The vampire on the other side did not try to enter. The party, now injured and tired, decided to heal and stay the night – rotating watch. The night passed without incident, though they heard strange noises from the other side of the door. They found a cabinet full of blood mixed with wine in the room while they rested. Kris drank on glass and had no ill effects.

    When they were all rested, they opened the door and Turquine walked into the hall on the other side. He steeped into a track which pulled him to the ceiling and a group of three vampires emerged from the shadows with crossbows. LuPiN dot the idea to fire sharpened wood stakes covered in holy water from his cross bow and managed to kill two with this ammo. The last vampire escape and yelled for his "boss".

    They were then  able to explore a fair amount of the ruin uninhibited. They found a kitchen with moldy meat next to a magic freezer and a dining hall. They also found a church which had vampire ashes just outside the door. Inside they found a note that was written "To Arlin" about pride. They found a torture room with a young woman, Kylie Oliu tied and being drained by a vampire. The party managed to knock out the vampire, tape a stink potion to his nose, tie him in rope, wrap him in a tarp, and tie a chain around the top which they locked with superior locks they found in the room. Confident that the vampire was secured, Turquine used his weekly ability to cure diseases on Kylie to stopn her from catching vampirism and healed her.

    Kylie explained that she had been trying to steal diamonds to resurrect her brother when she was captured by vampires. She exhibited a number of skills indicative of a thief while they looked through the rest of the ruin.

    They found a room with vampire ashes that had an amazingly deep hole in the roof that went 60' up to the surface with sunlight shining into the room. Then they found a room with an alter to Omega and a pool of holy water. They rested in this room before proceeding to the only room they had not entered. Before entering they filled buckets with holy water in case they need it later.

    The final room was 70' long. It had a stage at the end with a bedroom and a huge door. The entire room between them and the other side was covered in caltrops. On the other side were two vampires. One was a half-orc vampire holding a staff and the vampire that ran away later. The half-orc made a deal with them that they could avoid a battle if they let them go. The party agreed and carefully watched them as they walked toward the exit. On the way they ran into the torture room without explanation.

    When the party reached the torture room the far wall was gone. On the other side was a vampiric dire bear in a cage. Half-orc used his staff to summon poisonous wasps while the other undid the lock on the cage. They quickly killed the vampires by throwing the buckets of holy water at them but not in time to stop the bear from escaping the cage.

    Once the bear was out it charged Turquine. Kylie snuck behind it and landed an impressive stab. The bear kicked backward and knocked Kylie out in one shot. Kris finished the bear with a fire spell and they got to Kylie in time to heal her.

    They then went to the end room and opened the door, revealing a safe. Within a few minute, Kylie cracked the safe.  Inside was the possession of all the vampires' victims and a large amount of diamonds. Kylie took the diamonds for her brother's resurrection and the items she had before being capture. The party took the rest, an impressive amount of gold and valuable items.

    When they stopped at the outpost on their way to Rayic, Kylie backed their story about mindflayer vampires claiming that she was a direbear mindflyer vampire's thrall before they rescued her.
When the party arrived back in Rayic they gave their capture vampire to Varis. Varis paid them in healing potions and promised good healing potion prices in the future. They then reported the ruins, collected a reward from the government and made arrangements so the church Omega would get special deals on Diamonds. They were told that they could claim another ruin in two weeks. Afterward, they went to Dora to ask if they could help them acquire a house. She agreed, as long as LuPiN would occasionally preform while wearing a badge marking him as an artist for her noble house.

    They bought a nice two story three bedroom house near the trade district of the city. LuPiN found Garik's forge and arranged a deal with him. Garick would pay a large sum for a certain rock which is only found in genesis ruin. LuPiN gladly agreed. After that, the party took a two weeks to rest in their new house.


New establishments known:Ora's Lab – Varis' achemy shop, Blood Rock Forge – Grick's forge,  Rusty Bull Inn

A Happy Accident

July 12-14, Year 1054


The party started down Entrance hallway into Ogris, admiring the murals that lined the walls along the way. The hall lead to a room with a river flowing next to a ledge at the far end and a mural of water quenching a fire on the walls. LuPiN examined the river and saw a skeleton holding a tube. He cast a spell on a length of rope to retrieve the tube. Inside was a paper that read "A tortured mage has lost his flame, fire will return his life."

After contemplating this Kris Noryn threw a fire spell at a discolored spot on the ledge. The colored section was actually a mold, it burned away to reveal a door. Through the door was a long windy hall with dust on the ceiling. After entering the gall, the door behind them started to close. Turquine Sant ran to it in time and jammed his shield to stop it from closing. Lupin replaced the shield with a dagger in the hinges to keep the door open.

Through the door at the end of the hall was another room with a river which had two fountains, two exits, and a pile of skeletons. Some water from the river suddenly formed to an evil water elemental being with an animated dragon skull head floating in it. It charged through the hall and chased them to the ledge in the previous room. Kris froze the river so it couldn't go in to heal. While the elemental was in the door way, kris casted a gravity spell on the door caused it to slam shut on the skull and kill the being.

The party went further into the ruins and found a Omega church with a huge mural on which flaming corpses that were mounted. The fire was not consuming the corpses. There they found two books, Turquine detected evil on one. They left the evil book and started out of the room. Kris said a brief prayer to Omega and the book that was not evil fell out of her pack and opened to a page that had a list:

I Control Anger II Be Industrious III Be Content with Your Position IV Be Humble V Control the Flesh VI Forsake excess VII Live in Moderation VIII Do no Evil, Do no Good IX Be not Human

The book then caught fire and quickly burned. In another room they found a statue of a mage which a mass of undead bats. They lit the statue and it turned to ash. A door hidden in the next room opened. Inside was a lesser beholder and a skeleton with a decayed blue robe.

The beholder blasted LuPiN with a powerful beam and bit Turquine's arm. Turquine then ripped the beholder away from his arm and sliced off its tongue. While it screamed in pain, LuPiN threw his whip dagger into its eye instantly killing it

The skeleton inside was screaming quietly but did not move. They found a key on him which opened the door to an old study. Inside was a vault containing approximately 250,000 silver. LuPiN found a magic pen that writes the his thoughts when he focuses on it. Kris found a mural titled "Magistrate Mortigan Splits Garin" which showed a Mortigan casting a spell from a rocky spire in the ocean and an isalnd in the distance spiting in half. She recognized Garin an island that is thought to have existed before humans appeared.

They also found the following books:

1.An Absurd Journal about Limbo 2.A book on Contruct Creation 3.A book of bland dwarven poetry 4.A primer on black magic 5.A book written in an unknown planar language 6. Two halves of a ripped paper, a short essay by Mortigan: "On the essence of Human Nature"

The party went to the nearest city and arranged a service to retrieve the silver. They then bought a room on a ship to Rayic, Opus for 180,000 silver, put aside 45,000 silver aside to buy a group adventuring license on Opus and split the remaining 25,000 silver amongst themselves.


Before they left:

Kris sent a letter to Pearl Amalica regarding their findings in the ruins and encouraging her to look at the ruins before the sections they discovered become common knowledge.

Turquine composted a letter that will be sent to the church on Opus but did not send info to the Dyril Church.

LuPiN happily counted his share of the money


Adventure Groups



Date: July 12-14, 1054

        All of the ruins on the island of Dyril had been cleared centuries ago. Despite this, a young mage, Kris Noryn, decided to explore the ruins alone in hope of finding something that had been overlooked. This led her to Ogris, a trap-filled  Ruin of Omega that had been poorly explored due to its remoteness and deadliness. Almost immediantly after entering Ogris, she fell victim to a pit trap that dropped her thirty feet below into a room with smooth walls and no exit. Moments after she landed the trap door above reset itself to a hidden closed position leaving Kris in the dark room with only skeletons and dead cockroaches to keep her company.  She made an intense efforts to escape the room, but was unable to get herself out of it.
         Meanwhile, Turquine Sant, a Palidan of Omega who had been freed from mandatory service to the church rested in the tavern of a small village as he made plans to visit Ogris so he could see some of Omega's Murals for himself. An eccentric young bard named LuPiN[sic] overheard Turquine's plans and insisted that they go together because he also wanted to see the murals (and to get a share of any treasure they found). Turquine resisted the idea of trusting a strange bard he had just met; however, after a couple pints and a few clever words on the bard's part, he agreed to let LuPiN follow.
        The next day Turquine and LuPiN cheerful entered the Ogris together. The murals in the first room greatly impressed both them; they stared intently at the depictions of purification and destruction as they walked through the ruins. Suddenly, they felt the floor disappear from under them. Kicked off the wall and jumped to safety. Turquine, weight down with his Half-Plate and Heavy Shield, was not so lucky. 

         Turquine landed in the room below, missing Kris by mere inch. LuPiN reacted quickly and jammed the trap door with a knife so it couldn't close then lowered a rope to the room. Once they were out of the pit, Kris and Turquine began to talk about their reasons for coming to the ruin. LuPiN added his comments and soon the three began speaking intensely about their motivation and their respect for Omega.
        LuPiN wanted to spread the ideals of Omega and needed wealth and fame to best accomplish this. Turquine was intensely interested in finding new information about the gods and their world, a desire Kris shared. Eventually, LuPiN jokeingly suggested that the three of them go to the new island of Opus together. LuPiN did not get the laughs he was expecting.
        The three of them all sincerely wanted to explore the new land and its ruins, but could not cover the cost of travel. With this in mind they entered Ogris together.

        With a happy accident, the three potential heroes met. They set out in search of fame, knowledge, and adventure, oblivious to where it would take them.


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