Zarra Iluras

The wizard that leads Rayic


The Following information is baised on what the PCs have uncovered about this character.

Wizard, ??

Hp ?? Ac:

BAB: ??

Str: ?? Dex: ?? Con: ?? Int: Impressive Wis: Poor Cha: Good

Fortitude: ?? Reflex: ?? Will: High

Weapon: ??

Armor: Black Robe  *Wears much jewlery


Height: Tall Weight: Skinny

Notable Skills: Diplomacy, Spellcraft, ???

Zarra Iluras is the daughter of the Jarri Iluras, the man who first claimed land on Opus. Since his recent death she has acted as the leader of Rayic; as such Zarra as considerable influence on Opus. She is a brilliant woman, but ofter gets occupied with her own affairs and neglects her responsibilities.

She is a  tall, young, slender woman with very light skin. Zarra has worn black since her father's death and always wears a large amount of jewlery: amulet, rings, bracklets, ect. 

Zarra is a powerful wizard. She rarely interacts with any except her mage friends. When possible, she has her friends communicate her rules insteed of going out herself. Her main spokesperson is Kain Ora.


Zarra Iluras

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