Varis Ora


??, ?

Hp: ? Ac: ?


Str: Poor Dex: Good Con: Adverage Int: Impresive Wis: Good Cha: Adverage

Fortitude: ?? Reflex: ?? Will: ??

Weapon: ??

Armor: ??

Feats: ??

Height: 6'2" Weight: 166 lb

Notable Skills: Craft[Alchemy], Profession[Alchemist], ??


Varis is an alchemist who traveled to Opus in order to take advantage of the demand for potion adventurers provide. He is blunt in his speech and does not readily engage in idle conversation. Kris Noryn met Varis during the boat ride to Rayic. He agreed to give the party preferential treatment if they could secure a few hard to find ingredients for him. 

1. 50lb of the bananas found in the inner island's forest. 2. A minotaur's horn 3. Vampire Blood 4. A lich head

So far, the party captured a live vampire for him to acquire vampire blood. He give them discounts on minor and moderate healing potions.

Varis Ora

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