A bard trying to rise from poverty to bring equality to the world.


Class: Bard, 10 Seeker Of The Song, 3

Birthday: January 20, Year  1033

HP: 52 AC: 21/23 (when singing)

BAB: +6/+1

Str: 11 Dex: 18 Con: 11 Int: 17 Wis: 16 Cha: 20

Fortitude: 9 Reflex:19 Will:18

Weapon: Whip-Dagger

Armor: Mythral Chain Shirt

Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, lighting reflexes, skill focus (strings) Leadership

Height: 5'6” Weight: 136 lb.

Age: 21

Wealth in Gold:236.5 Gp

Bluff: 16 Diplomacy: 15 Gather Information: 12 Perform [String/Singing]: 15

Cost of Living: Average


Theme: Flobots – Handlebars

LuPiN[sic] is a man of music, a bard of many talent. He was born in the large city of Oxlin on the island Dyril to a whore and an unknown father. His mother died giving birth. LuPiN grew up in an orphanage of Omega, Spectre Orphanage. He developed a deep respect for Omega while there.

 When LuPiN was four years old he befriended Gil Difar, another orphan whose circumstances were strikingly similar to his own. LuPiN and Gil became best friends until they were both adopted in their early teens. LuPiN was adopted by a old middle class widow who had always wanted a son, but never had one. He loved music growing up and managed to make some money playing in the street of Oxlin. He supported himself in this way after his adopted mother died.

One day in winter, LuPiN was playing for money in the cold streets. Gil walked by him wearing a fine fur coat and beautiful jewelry. LuPiN approached Gil expecting a happy reunion with an old friend. Instead, Gil was disgusted that a commoner was speaking to him and violently yelled at LuPiN that he would call the guards if he didn't leave him alone. This experience made LuPiN reflect on the effect class has on one's development.

He blames what he sees as corrupt, autocratic governments for his situation; for having to live in a corrupt city that has not truly seen the light of Omega in a long time. He has set up a goal to raise up the poor through his songs and epics, to try and change the way people think so they may see that there is no one higher than the gods. To see that this makes all men equal.

The encounter with Gil made LuPiN resolve to act upon his ideals, to pursue the power to change society and bring equality to the world.

Since his journey began on Opus, LuPiN has made many new discoveries and some new allies. After he and his party defeated a vampire coven and acquired its treasure, he went back to Rayic feeling a strong sense of accomplishment. He spoke to one of his contacts, Dora Eri and acquired a a good deal on a house for his party. He also got a commission from his dwarf companion and awaits the next dungeon so he may fulfill the job and gain his trust. after giving the dwarf two of the stones when he needed one he gained gaerik bloodstones trust.He then later gained kin son of gearik blood stone as his cohort. After slaying a lich and finding dark forbidden magic, LuPiN and his allies found a dragon egg in an under water pyramid and after running frantically from lava they got them and the egg out. once they got back to shore awaiting on the docks the church of omega’s paladins, and clerics as well as a high paladin and we were forced to trade platinum for the dragon egg but just as we were walking away the black mage than cast a spell of doom and then the egg cracked open and the dragon died, however they did not attack us. later mage left and the paladin left as well.

It has been a year now since they left and I have started my organization and found new allies and as a shadow falls on the land I will soon be called back to arms.


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