Kris Noryn

A chaotic young mage seeking unknown and forbidden knowledge. (Currently not an active PC)


Class: Black Mage 11, Dark Master 2

Birthday: December 29, Year 1032

HP: 67 AC: 19 

BAB: +6/+1 

Str: 8 Dex: 16 Con: 14 Int: 21 Wis: 13 Cha: 15

Fort: 10 Ref: 11 Will: 13

Weapon: Dagger x1, Light Crossbow

Armor: Ring of Protection +1, Robe of the Dark Master

Feats: Combat Casting, Improved Initiative, Body Fuel, Spell Penetration, Improved Familiar, Greater Spell Penetration

Height: 5'5" Weight: 132 lb.

Age: 22

Wealth in Gold: 659 Gp

Notable skills: Spellcraft: 26, Concentration: 17, Decipher Script: 21, Bluff: 8, Knowledge (Arcane, History, Nature, Religion, The Planes): 19. 

Cost of Living: Fine


Theme: Nine Inch Nails – Only

Kris was born in a large port city called Oxlin on the island Dyril. Her father was a jester, and her mother was a White Mage who worked as a healer in a large University in Oxlin: Red Fort. Her parents were never officially together, they didn't even live together, they did however see each other fairly often. Due to her mother's more stable and high paying job, Kris was usually under her care. In Kris' younger years she was taught by her mother but was unreceptive to her attempts at teaching. This sort of attitude towards her mother continued as Kris aged, and though she didn't spend much time with her father, she had a much better relationship with him.

At age 14 Kris started spending most of her time at the University library where her mother worked, it was here that Kris' knowledge expanded. For about 6 years she went to the library everyday and read, fiction and non-fiction, making friends with other frequent visitors to the library. During her time there, she met professor of Black Magic Pearl Amalica. Professor Amalica is a quite rich catfolk woman who recently noticed that black magic is becoming more noticeable in ambient energy mixture. She is convinced that this is a sign of the end of the world and scans books for evidence of this. When the Professor was not busy looking for indications of the apocalypse, she privately taught Kris black magic, which she picked up fairly quickly. This was kept a secret from Kris' mother until she turned 22.

On her birthday, Kris simply left a note revealing everything to her mother, and her intentions to head off in search of some excitement and the mysteries surrounding ruins, their origins, and any secret knowledge that might be contained within them.

After destroying the odd dragon egg (And the dragon inside) Kris and her group members were excommunicated from the church of Omega by Tunlac, and there group was disbanded by Kain. Kris soon after left Opus for Azah, fearing the intense repercussions of her actions.

Kris Noryn

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