Kala Masi

A strong headed brute that leads an adventuring party


Class: Barbarian,10

HP: 109 AC: 15

BAB: +9/+4

Str: 21 Dex: 16 Con: 16 Int: 8 Wis: 6 Cha:12

Fortitude: 8 Reflex: 5 Will: 0

Weapon: +2 Keen Runed Great Sword – reacts to the words "Mortigan" and "Arlin"

Armor:+1 Chain Shirt of Luck

Feats:Weapon Proficany[Bastard Sword], ???

Height: 5'7" Weight: 164 lb.

Speed: 40 ft

Notable Skills: Preform[Percussion] 13


Kala is the leader of goup 21, "Crucible", in Opus. She is brutish and tends to respond harshly to new people. He lives in a house with her group in Rayic. She weilds a blue runed bastard sword she found in the R3 ruins.

The party met Kala while they waited in line to register in an adventuring group in Rayic. At the time she needed thre thousand gold to revive her friend. Everyone in the party offered one thousand to help her.

Later, the party met her in Outpost B as she and her revived friend Dalik. They helped her defeat the monster that had killed her friends and find part of her remaining dead friend's, Zorin's, body.

Kala Masi

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