Kain Ora


Magic User, ?

Hp: ? Ac: ?


Str: ?? Dex: ?? Con: ?? Int: ? Wis: ? Cha: Impressive

Fortitude: ?? Reflex: ?? Will: High

Weapon: ??

Armor: Fine Red Robe

Feats: ??

Height: 6'0" Weight: 164 lb

Notable Skills: Diplomacy, Spellcraft, ????

Kain Ora acts as the spokes person for Zarra Iluras. He is a handsome man that has a skill for public speaking. Most people agree that Kain would make a better ruler then Zarra. Kain denies this; he claims that he would make a poor ruler. Specifically, he says that he is better at reporting the laws then making them.

He is very strict when reporting the law and demands that it be followed to the letter. He frequently punish  public officials that fail to uphold the law.

Kain is known to be a mage of some sort; however, he never casts in public. No one knows what kind of mage he is. 

Kain took his surname, an Elven royal name, from from his step  father.

Kain Ora

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