Glis Tai

An obese professional mage


Class: ,?

HP: ? AC:?


Str: ? Dex: low Con: ? Int: Great Wis: ?? Cha: Adverage

Fortitude: ? Reflex: ? Will:?


Armor:Fine Colorful Robes

Feats: ?

Height: 7'2" Weight: 412 lb.

Speed: 40 ft

Notable Skills: Preform[Percussion] 9

A huge man who works as a professional caster at Sparkling Words. Glis wears fine robes and always carries wine and food on him. Despite his disgusting appearance, he is a very friendly man. The party hired him to enchant their safe room to prevent people from teleporting into it.

Turquine confirmed that  Glis was not evil, but there were traces of evil in his sweat that convered the business card he gave to the party.

Glis Tai

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