Garick BloodStone

A skilled dwarven blacksmith in Rayic


Expert, 10

Hp: ? Ac: ?

BAB: +7/+2

Str: Good Dex: Average Con: Good Int: 13 Wis: ?? Cha: Average

Fortitude: Impressive Reflex: ?? Will: ??

Weapon: ??

Armor: ??

Feats: Skill focus[Geology], ??

Height: 3'8" Weight: 142 lb

Notable Skills: Craft[Weapon] 14, Craft[Armor] 14, Knowledge[Geology] 16


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Garick is a blacksmith who came to Rayic to sell his work to adventurers. LuPiN met him while sneaking around the dwarven noble section of the boat to Rayic. Garick loves speaking about mining and has an interest in minerals even beyond what is normal for his race.

Garick has recently made a deal with LuPiN – if LuPiN can locate a rare Blue and Purple stone is only found in Genesis ruins then he will give LuPiN a share of the commission.

Garick BloodStone

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