Derian Oliu

A powerful time mage who investigates the present by gazing into the past


Time mage, >8

Hp: ? Ac: ?


Str: ?? Dex: ?? Con: ?? Int: Amazing Wis: ?? Cha: Poor

Fortitude: ?? Reflex: ?? Will: ??

Weapon: ??

Armor: Purple Robes

Feats: ??

Height: 5'10" Weight: 152 lb

Notable Skills: ??, ??, ??


Kylie Oliu's brother. Kylie was trying to steal diamonds to resurrect her brother when the vampire caught her.

Derian is a powerful time mage with several odd magical quirks that resulted from his magical works. He randomly teleports short distances, appears dead when he rests and any glass that comes within 100 ft of him shatters violently. He was assassinated while investigating the Rusty Bull inn after he discovered that it existed on Opus before Opus is know to have risen. He currently spends his time in a house hidden in the jungle near Rayic where he uses his magic to continue his investigations.

Derian Oliu

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