A cleric of Omega cursed with vampirism


Cleric, ?

Hp: ?? Ac: ??


Str: Amazing Dex: Amazing Con: Good Int: ? Wis: ? Cha: Impressive

Fortitude: ?? Reflex: ?? Will: High

Weapon: ??

Armor: Studded leather

Feats: ??

Height: 5'10" Weight: 151 lb

Notable Skills: ??

The party first saw Annimarco as he was hanging from a tree over a huge ape. Annimarco was a cleric of Omega who went into the Arkari Prision with two friends, a paladin of Omega and a fighter. He awoke on top of the ruin with tracks leading away. He'd assumed they were also turned.

Turquine told him that paladins can't be infected with vampirism and can cure disease occaisioanlly, that his friends were probably alive and not vampires. Annimarcowas glad to hear this and started off in search of his friends. Before he left he gace his necklace that had a symbol of Omega to Turquine saying that he couldn't bear to wear it in his state.


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