Pastel Sins

To Hell and Back

November 14 – November 23

Back to castle, boat to get gnolls out, fight spiders – spider queen demon. Light acid, burn webing, kill spiders. Up collems to alter, down slot get sword, find eggs kill. Kris Jump – amulet cursed. Free bard/mage in cell. Open door to spiders, burn. Return to find burnt spiders, find divine magic book with unknown author. Open door to rats, run out escape crazy in water.

LuPiN uses gasious to check down grate near body pile, sees dispel magic sphere. Goes back. Open to crypt, sleep trade watch, voices in head. Down stairs to hall, find bloody halls and room with sphere. Break spears then go to serchophgous room. Open lid, blades twirl around room, lich fighting – flame girl, mask break, skeletons, forbidden sububi magic, areo to blades, died falming armless.Door is revealed after death

 Find many magic items in serchoughious.Put circet on dead Turquine, soul of a Varin goes into him, reveals that saw cultists do a ritual to make blood retreave a key down grate. 'Varin' disables trap pressing statue loss arm. Rest one night in room then return with lich head. Can't open door. find body get finger, is Gnome

Back to Rayic, put Varin back in soul gem then resurrect then resurrect Turquine. Split to get restored, Kris takes lich head to Varis. Varis promises them a philospher stone and big discount from then on.  



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