Pastel Sins

Castle on the lake

October 11 – November 14


Earthquake, genesis hit had, house down, stone house built, buy magic items, Zorin and Varis dating.

Leave, outpost B knows lie, bard mad. Bard steals, party chase and kill, Big fat thing with bag in stomach, kill then LuPiN touched by it, eating self, go back. 

Go to castle, crazy lake, coins fireflys, in castle: used traps, ritual, amulet featherfall

Use hat of disguise trick gnolls, confuse then fight till leader comes to stop, give map. Go to room with spiders, fight first room, light fire, LuPiN nearly dies of poisin. Rest, go back to Mayin to get feather tocken and rest more.

 New Establishments: The Warlock's Den



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