Pastel Sins

An Artful Horde

August 30 – October 11

    Choose G3 to get Garick's rock. Meet kylie's brother, learn about rusty bull in past and Kylie is in disguise – Chloe. Kala is at A2. Evil rats. LuPiN uncovers info about anon buying disease stuff (eg: vamp blood). Demon activity appears in town. Get a huge vault built, teleport upstairs and get colem built on lower level. Glis makes no teleport into. Put money, ect there. Add chapel.

    Go north to outpost A. See demons on way. Town thinks group 27 killed mindflayer dragons. LuPiN uses charaisma enhancing spell to convict people while Kris+Turquine hide in rooms.  Kris steals some potions next morning after celebration.

    Choas beast battle. At night: Demons approach. Scom. Comprehend languages to listen talk with mostions. Learn of key demon boss. Some of the demons not evil. Get to hole, meet nameless man playing amazing music next to crumbled wall. Two-headed giant and centipiled collem. Lighting spell attracts elemental.

    Kris destroy bridge, Turquine falls off, kris demi's elemental after onto net. Net rips, giatn pulls then drops. Turquine kills and elemental on the way down then lands in water. LuPiN jumps after, Kris leaves. Turquine is killed soon after cutting armor straps off to remove, LuPiN uses invisibility to  get close enough to collect a finger then climbes a net the is now along one of the walls.

    Back to Rayic to res from genesis by Holly. Hear kala got key stolen then devestated by giant spiky thing. Go back, inivisibility sphere past centipieds and elemental, kris almost hit when blind strike at tremor direction. Got to tunnel, ram to break fist then tunnel breaks. End of tunnel elementals, get special gem, rock hand escape, run.  Kris acidently collapses tunnel falls.

    Climb back up. Rest from night, giant comes cut bridge into water and kris shocks water till out of spell ability and all sleep. Seeimps now. Cross arch, dragon, leave.grapple hook from net to behind, magic to find door. Imp confusion. Inside find treasure and key around statue with gobe. Key identified as aritfact by spell.

    LuPiN to Rayic for bag of holding and turn in stones, hears of special deal on nice weapon for second stone. Go back, get art, back again to store and buy supplies to fight dragons. Ask Kala to come, she and Zorin do.

    Get back to church. Prepare then fight and kill dragon. Imps shocked in minddle of fight to see key is gone. Eat dragons heart, effects kept: Kala dragons teeth, Turquine second eyelid, LuPiN paid more to be able to change eye at will to bronze. Shrink dragon body to sell in town, kala keeps dragon head mounted on group Crucible's door.

    In Rayic, sell art for ~40k . Special painting for Dora. Garick tells LuPiN that his son may wish to accompany group 27 later. Group 27 is now off probition, namesgroup "Twenty-Seven".

    Note on door says gahenna in Rusty Bull, Book idnetified as writting about mortiagon.


New Known Establishments: Sparkling Words, Magic Item Compendium.






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