Pastel Sins

July 12-14, Year 1054


The party started down Entrance hallway into Ogris, admiring the murals that lined the walls along the way. The hall lead to a room with a river flowing next to a ledge at the far end and a mural of water quenching a fire on the walls. LuPiN examined the river and saw a skeleton holding a tube. He cast a spell on a length of rope to retrieve the tube. Inside was a paper that read "A tortured mage has lost his flame, fire will return his life."

After contemplating this Kris Noryn threw a fire spell at a discolored spot on the ledge. The colored section was actually a mold, it burned away to reveal a door. Through the door was a long windy hall with dust on the ceiling. After entering the gall, the door behind them started to close. Turquine Sant ran to it in time and jammed his shield to stop it from closing. Lupin replaced the shield with a dagger in the hinges to keep the door open.

Through the door at the end of the hall was another room with a river which had two fountains, two exits, and a pile of skeletons. Some water from the river suddenly formed to an evil water elemental being with an animated dragon skull head floating in it. It charged through the hall and chased them to the ledge in the previous room. Kris froze the river so it couldn't go in to heal. While the elemental was in the door way, kris casted a gravity spell on the door caused it to slam shut on the skull and kill the being.

The party went further into the ruins and found a Omega church with a huge mural on which flaming corpses that were mounted. The fire was not consuming the corpses. There they found two books, Turquine detected evil on one. They left the evil book and started out of the room. Kris said a brief prayer to Omega and the book that was not evil fell out of her pack and opened to a page that had a list:

I Control Anger II Be Industrious III Be Content with Your Position IV Be Humble V Control the Flesh VI Forsake excess VII Live in Moderation VIII Do no Evil, Do no Good IX Be not Human

The book then caught fire and quickly burned. In another room they found a statue of a mage which a mass of undead bats. They lit the statue and it turned to ash. A door hidden in the next room opened. Inside was a lesser beholder and a skeleton with a decayed blue robe.

The beholder blasted LuPiN with a powerful beam and bit Turquine's arm. Turquine then ripped the beholder away from his arm and sliced off its tongue. While it screamed in pain, LuPiN threw his whip dagger into its eye instantly killing it

The skeleton inside was screaming quietly but did not move. They found a key on him which opened the door to an old study. Inside was a vault containing approximately 250,000 silver. LuPiN found a magic pen that writes the his thoughts when he focuses on it. Kris found a mural titled "Magistrate Mortigan Splits Garin" which showed a Mortigan casting a spell from a rocky spire in the ocean and an isalnd in the distance spiting in half. She recognized Garin an island that is thought to have existed before humans appeared.

They also found the following books:

1.An Absurd Journal about Limbo 2.A book on Contruct Creation 3.A book of bland dwarven poetry 4.A primer on black magic 5.A book written in an unknown planar language 6. Two halves of a ripped paper, a short essay by Mortigan: "On the essence of Human Nature"

The party went to the nearest city and arranged a service to retrieve the silver. They then bought a room on a ship to Rayic, Opus for 180,000 silver, put aside 45,000 silver aside to buy a group adventuring license on Opus and split the remaining 25,000 silver amongst themselves.


Before they left:

Kris sent a letter to Pearl Amalica regarding their findings in the ruins and encouraging her to look at the ruins before the sections they discovered become common knowledge.

Turquine composted a letter that will be sent to the church on Opus but did not send info to the Dyril Church.

LuPiN happily counted his share of the money


Adventure Groups




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