Pastel Sins

Date: July 12-14, 1054

        All of the ruins on the island of Dyril had been cleared centuries ago. Despite this, a young mage, Kris Noryn, decided to explore the ruins alone in hope of finding something that had been overlooked. This led her to Ogris, a trap-filled  Ruin of Omega that had been poorly explored due to its remoteness and deadliness. Almost immediantly after entering Ogris, she fell victim to a pit trap that dropped her thirty feet below into a room with smooth walls and no exit. Moments after she landed the trap door above reset itself to a hidden closed position leaving Kris in the dark room with only skeletons and dead cockroaches to keep her company.  She made an intense efforts to escape the room, but was unable to get herself out of it.
         Meanwhile, Turquine Sant, a Palidan of Omega who had been freed from mandatory service to the church rested in the tavern of a small village as he made plans to visit Ogris so he could see some of Omega's Murals for himself. An eccentric young bard named LuPiN[sic] overheard Turquine's plans and insisted that they go together because he also wanted to see the murals (and to get a share of any treasure they found). Turquine resisted the idea of trusting a strange bard he had just met; however, after a couple pints and a few clever words on the bard's part, he agreed to let LuPiN follow.
        The next day Turquine and LuPiN cheerful entered the Ogris together. The murals in the first room greatly impressed both them; they stared intently at the depictions of purification and destruction as they walked through the ruins. Suddenly, they felt the floor disappear from under them. Kicked off the wall and jumped to safety. Turquine, weight down with his Half-Plate and Heavy Shield, was not so lucky. 

         Turquine landed in the room below, missing Kris by mere inch. LuPiN reacted quickly and jammed the trap door with a knife so it couldn't close then lowered a rope to the room. Once they were out of the pit, Kris and Turquine began to talk about their reasons for coming to the ruin. LuPiN added his comments and soon the three began speaking intensely about their motivation and their respect for Omega.
        LuPiN wanted to spread the ideals of Omega and needed wealth and fame to best accomplish this. Turquine was intensely interested in finding new information about the gods and their world, a desire Kris shared. Eventually, LuPiN jokeingly suggested that the three of them go to the new island of Opus together. LuPiN did not get the laughs he was expecting.
        The three of them all sincerely wanted to explore the new land and its ruins, but could not cover the cost of travel. With this in mind they entered Ogris together.

        With a happy accident, the three potential heroes met. They set out in search of fame, knowledge, and adventure, oblivious to where it would take them.



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